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The sound of one man walking...


dreams of yesterday
9 February
My journal is mostly friends-only. Add me and I'll probably add you back.

I don't even want to attempt to try and explain myself. However, I am a fairly obsessive person. As a product of this, I often assimilate different aspects of people/characters I relate to or admire into my personality. So if you took all of the people below and combined them into one 18-year-old girl, you might get something that's a bit like me.

pictured: Vyvyan (The Young Ones), Bubble (Absolutely Fabulous), Bernard (Black Books), Sarah Kendall, Steerpike (Gormenghast), Wil Anderson, Alice, Door (Neverwhere), Pinky Beecroft (MGF), Judith Lucy, Didi and Gogo (Waiting for Godot), Rik (The Young Ones).

But if I'm not the same, the next question is, who in the world am I?
-Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

I am a student studying *stuff* in a Bachelor of Arts. I escape from the real world as often as I can. And just as well, Clarity is worth a thousand pounds a second.

I am an absurdist, a surrealist, an existentialist.

Chicken and latches, latches and chicken...

If this isn't pretentiousness, it's very close.

At the end of the day, I have kept my appointment. How many others can say the same?


i'm in slytherin!
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