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Songs for the vain Feb. 18th, 2005 @ 03:41 pm
I've been a bit down because of the whole being sick and having to go back to Kingaroy thing. Having both Pinky B and Wil Anderson say my name on this week's glasshouse made up for it somewhat, although I'm pretty sure I'm not one of the 'Kia's that Pinky's met. I did meet him, but I don't recall being introduced or introducing myself (I was too awestuck, I think). I did introduce myself to a few other members of the band, but they weren't on Glasshouse so they don't count. Still, other people out there have my name! WE COULD START A CLUB.

To cheer myself up I took a bunch of photos of me in my great new dress. YAY! I'm having a string of bad hair days at the moment, but I'm getting my hair done next week so I'll be all fabulous again. Also, YES I know how horribly skinny I am. I can't help it, it's health related. I should start putting on weight now The Thing has been taken out of my throat.

4Collapse )

Hahaha, I'm sorry. Today was a day of dancing and playing music too loud. Now I'm making a mix CD.
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Current Music: "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps" Cake

I remember this Feb. 15th, 2005 @ 12:17 pm
Still in Brisbane. I recovered really well but then yesterday my throat went all weird. It doesn't hurt in the way it did before, but in a different cold/flu type way. And it's hard to breathe again. I hope I'm not coming down with something, this operation was supposed to end all of that.

I went to Borders on a birthday shopping trip and got The Annotated Alice and Alice's Adventures Under Ground. The latter is the copy of the original, handwritten and illustrated manuscript that Lewis Carrol gave to Alice Liddel. I love them both. Next on my list of Alice-y things is the first book illustrated by Mervyn Peake (I have the second already).

Also, today I saw Dr Strangelove for the first time and thought it was great. It's just a shame I waited so long to see it, and so it was kind of ruined by all the parodies. Almost like watching something you've seen before.

I've spent far too long trying to make sims look *exactly* like Helena Bonham Carter, Jonathan Rhys Myers and Shirley Henderson. I don't even use them in game, I don't know why I did this. Bodyshop is kinda fun to mess around with. But I've finally put them up for download to stop myself going back and continually tweaking things. Next on my list is Matthew Macfadyen and Jack Davenport. Maybe I can make a whole neighbourhood of obscure British actors and then make them have BABIES.

...I'm sick of my health being so fragile that i go out for one day and then can't do anything for a whole WEEK. This sucks, I am SO BORED.
Current Mood: boredmuargh

Feb. 9th, 2005 @ 11:26 pm

What Flavour Are You? I taste a bit like Almonds.I taste a bit like Almonds.

Mmm, the taste of almonds - anathema to many with nut allergies, and a bad sign for many more, as my taste is not unlike that of cyanide. Am I good or am I poison? A risky thing to guess about. What Flavour Are You?


It was my birthday today. It started out as a complete disaster but got gradually better and ended with the best feast ever cooked for me in the history of fantastic meals.

I HATE MY STUPID HURTY LIP THAT HURTS. I hate the stupid doctors for whatever it is they did to me while I was asleep. ACK annoyance.

But I love Helen and Sarah and Andrew for visiting me with awesome presents and cake.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my surgeon who'll most likely want to stick a small camera down my nose again so he can look at my throat. I hate that. Then it's the art gallery because I've been complaining about not ever getting to leave the house (I can't walk up the hill to the bus stop because my painkillers make me nauseous).

Fun times were had by all.

rejoice Feb. 8th, 2005 @ 11:01 pm

1) I am ok! I did not die, I will live to see another boring day. It hurt for ages and still hurts now (yawning and uncontrollable laughter are absolute AGONY especially seeing as they are two things that just can't be stopped once they have begun). I was in intensive care overnight and I was breathing through a tube. It was so scary. The worst bit was when they took out the painkillers and the stuff that was keeping me asleep and then made me cough out the tube and there was blood and brown stuff everywhere and it was SO GROSS and horrible. Also they did something terrible to my top lip which made it swell up to about 20 times the size a lip should be, which was possibly the worst part of the whole experience. Now my lip is back to normal size now, though. There's an ugly scab above it that hurts a lot but that's it.

And B) It's my birthday tomorrow! I'm going to be 19. Dad got me a present but I didn't ask for something so I'm a little worried. Money would be better than something I don't want. It'll be ok as long as it's not a new phone or an i-pod, though. And at least I'll have something to open tomorrow. I'm not actually excited; more sad really. But I think that's just because my painkillers makes me nauseous and depressed. But birthdays are still a good thing. I get to see people.

And fourthly, some people added me to their friends list when I wasn't looking. I've now added you back, so welcome!

That's about it from me.
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Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 11:06 pm
dr. seuss is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
Other entries
» happy hottest 100!
Oh my goodness I am so bored...

Franz Ferdinand got #1 which wasn't much of a suprise. The theme to Media Watch got #7 which was, except they can't count it. Because of all the storms I couldn't get JJJ reception at first. I ended up having to hang my radio from the ceiling. It's still there. I wonder how long it'll be before I get it down.

I really have nothing to do, it's driving me insane. 5 days until the operation, how am I going to fill that time? Jeopardy and 2030CE have been my daily thing but both ended on Tuesday while our power was out! I was so annoyed. Did anyone happen to see either of them the first time around? What happens in the last episode? Arg, I may never know.

I tried my hand at adapting Carrolian poetry, because I am so totally ripping off Alison Habens, and it turned out awful. A crime against the English language. The only question that remains is WHO THE FUCK IS ALISON HABENS?

Tiny spoilers for the two people who both follow my "writing" and read my journal, because you are both special plus one. YAY YOU. It's not a real spoiler, though, because I don't think this bit will ever make it into the story.


Most unexpectedly she offers a strange smile and stands up, all bloody from the fall. Then, waving a finger in front of her to mark the time, she begins to recite a poem.

I passed by the courtyard and marked with one eye
The girl from the clouds with the hypnotic thighs.
She lay down her cards for the boy who remained
Who, in return, brought the start of the rain.

Running for shelter they ran into the pair
Who without doubt caused the shift in the air.
The first one to know was the last one to hide
And she most regrettably lost track and…

Before she can finish the scene begins to fold in on itself like a burning projection, the musty reality of the bookshop taking its place with an unavoidably finality.


Which is what happens when I stay up until 1 in the morning and then decide to write something on a scrap of paper I found on the floor.


I still say "hypnotic thighs" is a good pun, though.
» well that was the most exciting custard pie fight ever!
I finished a KiSS set. You can download it from my Deviantart account http://nihilisticangel.deviantart.com

My operation is in eight days time. I'm scared! aarggh.

I've been really boring.
» I've thought too far into this ok
SO today I did some cleaning and vaccuuming and I watched Muppets from Space, which was the midday movie. So obviously I've now got Muppets on my mind, which is where they so often are. The movie is no Christmas Carol or Treasure Island, and no one could expect it to be any of the earlier stuff. But it's still quite good. I liked it better the second time.

I used to really hate the fact that Gonzo and Rizzo went from being secondary characters to being what the Muppets are all about now. But now I've seen some interviews with the Muppeteers (coolest people ever), and have seen how much Steve Whitmire (Rizzo) and Dave Goelz (Gonzo) crack Brian Henson up, I understand. I actually quite like them now. The best thing about Gonzo and Rizzo is their relationship and the way they interact.

I really like Brian Henson. He's just so into the Muppets, but doesn't try to take on the sort of role his father had. Even though he understands everything that makes the whole thing work. As far as I know the only time he's done voices for any puppets is in From Space, though I could be wrong. Kevin Clash even had a character in From Space. Man I would like to know what that guy's real voice sounds like. For everyone who's not me, Kevin Clash is the voice of Elmo.

I think it's also interesting to see the portrayal of Kermit the Frog after the death of Jim Henson. He's much more... Noble. More calm and centred and dignified. Because Kermit the Frog is Jim Henson, there's no debating that. While he was alive he could take the shit out of himself. After his death, even though Steve Whitmire took over the role perfectly, Kermit didn't stop being Jim Henson. So he's more like a tribute now. The writers and performers treat the character with a lot of respect. That's my opinion anyway.

And that (somehow) brings us back to Rizzo and Gonzo. Steve Whitmire plays Kermit the Frog, but Kermit the Frog is still Jim Henson. Steve Whitmire's actual character, the muppet he can claim as his own and the one which most reflects his personality, is Rizzo the Rat. Dave Goelz and Steve Whitmire are obviously very funny people, and have a kind of banter that cracks everyone up, especially Brian Henson. So it's no surprise that Brian lets them take centre stage as soon as he directs his first movie (Christmas Carol).

The point is, I've gotten over an old hang up. And it's absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Gonzo pashes Rizzo in the outtakes of Christmas Carol. That's so wrong it's right. Yes I'm joking... OR AM I???

But I don't think I'll *ever* like Peppe the Prawn ok.

I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE I KNOW. And yes, I can name all the muppet performers past and present and which muppets they do the voices for. THAT'S NORMAL ISN'T IT?

» Louise is a big girl's blouse
Two people, lets call them A and B. Half way through a conversation.

A: ...it's just made up, you know like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

B: Yeah and Electricians.

A: What?

B: I was just saying, that it's not real, you know, like Electricians.

A: Electricians exist.

B: Come off it.

A: No they do.

B: No way. Electricians are just stories parents tell their kids to stop them playing up. You know, "Oh, eat all your peas or the Electrician will come and fix the faulty connection in the living room!"

A: What are you on about?

B: "Make your bed or the Electrician will put in the wiring for the air conditioner!"

A: What?

B: "Oh no not the Electrician please mum!"

A: You're insane. Electricians are real.

B: Yeah! And so's the boogey man.

A: Electricians are real, they're not threatening.

B: You've gone wrong in the head. 'Electricians are real!' Huh! What next? The Easter Bunny?

A: Who do you think...

B: Count dracula?

A: ...does all the wiring in...

B: Plumbers?!

A: ...What?

B: You're mad!

A: Plumbers are real.

B: Someone needs to have a talk to you.


Also, I got sick for a while but now I'm ok and the operation is soon and I'm scared.

Oh and I got to see Emily the other day and that was pure liquid. It was the dance hall crazies! We got drunk on absolut vodka and ran around outside with torches until we got scared of axe murderers.

» (No Subject)
I've been at Caloundra having a vacation type thing. I missed my computer.

On Thursday I got called back to the clinic in Brisbane to get tested for cancer. I cried when they brought out the needle and covered my mouth with my hands. I'm so not brave at all. But I lay back down and they put the needle so far back I gagged, which was scary. Then they took these little sharp grabby things and snipped bits off the thing in my throat. It hurt a bit because the anaesthetic didn't quite work (probably because I gagged on it). And it still hurts a little now.

So yesterday was the worst waiting-by-the-phone day ever. But it was all ok because I DON'T have cancer. Which is something that is always pleasant to discover.

HELEN HELEN HELEN HELEN FLICK FLICK FLICK FLICK have I got your attention? I will be in toowoomba on Monday and possibly Tuesday. Will you? Let me know. But not through my mobile because it doesn't work here in silly little Kingaroy.

There was something else I had to say but I can't remember what it is. Oh except that staying near the beach makes my hair resemble that of Marla Singer. Now how do I make it stay that way? XD
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